Issues of competitor in Mexico


With Biden’s upcoming arrival to the U.S. presidency, GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft) and other technology giants are beginning to fear future government pressures because of Biden’s views on how these companies should operate.Since his time as vice president in the Obama administration, he has shown his position on these platforms and it is believed that he will seek to reduce the “privileges” of these companies, reach an agreement on issues of user privacy, the spread of fake news and practices that threaten free competition.Translated with (free version)


Spotlight is “the TikTok” with which Snapchat joins the trend of short and fast videos, a feature that will be highly promoted by this social network and driven with 1 million dollars a day to be distributed among the content creators that generate the most popular videos.


The “fleets” arrive at Twitter, the story function that this social network only needed to join, after Youtube and LinkedIn already started to do so a couple of weeks ago.


Pfizer’s vaccine (so far, the one with the best effectiveness ratio) has a high probability that before the end of this week it would be receiving the green light in the UK to start being         adminstered.


One more company announcing “restructuring” to cope with the effects of the pandemic: Danone announces the withdrawal of 2,000 jobs.


Qualcomm confirms that it has secured the license to sell processors to Huawei again, but only that.

You may not sell 5G technology to Huawei without authorization from the U.S. government.


Yubo raised $47.5 million in its latest round of investment, a budget with which they intend to compete with the big boys and threaten to become the new favorite social network of Generation Z


Continuing with its expansion plan, in the United States Amazon is already distributing medicines within 24 hours, included in the subscription to Amazon Prime, a service that will sooner  or later reach the rest of the world.


Apple will have to pay a $133 million fine after it was found that iOS updates intentionally slow down old devices in order to force users to buy the new ones. Programmed obsolescence at its best!


Among the updates of Facebook Inc, of its constant search to correctly integrate its 3 main applications, the most relevant has been the ephemeral messages, which are deleted once read.


The Senate in Mexico has approved the regulation and decriminalization of marijuana throughout the country (for recreational use)


Costco, the wholesale chain incorporates the sale of private jet travel under a subscription model, a move that responds to the need to fly but adheres to hygiene standards.


What began as a joke became a reality. During the week, Elon Musk’s Tesla tequila went viral on social networks, launching for $250 and sold out in a couple of hours


Tik Tok, the fastest growing social network of the time now decides to enter the education sector taking advantage of the growth of online education in the wake of the pandemic.


While the rest of the world is in the race to be the first to launch 5G, China has just put the first ever G-satellite into orbit.


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