Issues of competitor in Mexico


SinDelantal, food delivery app of Uber and Rappi competition has announced its departure from Mexico from December 4th.

This is the first case of a company leaving the country due to the new taxes on digital platforms that came into force in June this year.


Burger King is going viral due to a very successful campaign where they invite the population to consume products from fast-food chains, even from        their competitors, in order to support these chains and the employees who work in them. Solidarity or marketing?


Apparently, the streaming giant is interested in the podcast niche, which was already growing even before the pandemic. XDA Developers announces that Netflix is working on a background audio-only feature to follow their stories without looking at the screen, much like a podcast.


The rise of online commerce as a result of the pandemic, together with the alliances and strategies during the last months, have positioned MercadoLibre as the most valuable company in Latin America.


Aeromexico requests authorization to dismiss 1,830 employees as part of a “financial restructuring” due to losses in sales as a result of the pandemic.


Amazon announces an investment of 100 million dollars to expand its presence in Mexico. In order to optimize and improve the logistics of its service, this budget will be to open 2               shipping centers, 1 main building and 12 delivery stations throughout the country.


Facebook Gaming adds free video games to its platform, confirming its interest in the Gaming trend (which was recently uploaded by Amazon with its “Luna” service), are now available in the US and in a few weeks in the rest of the world.


Check is the alternative launched by the Chamber of Restaurants in Mexico to make home deliveries, attending to the current trend of food delivery and sending the high commissions of apps such as UberEats and Rappi.



Not even the US government has been able to stop TikTok. It is the second most used app by teenagers. The first? No, it’s not Instagram, it’s Snapchat.


Not being able to restructure the company acquired in 2005 for $3.8 million, Adidas is considering selling Reebok, which they would do in March 2021.



The drama between Epic Games and Apple is not over yet: Microsoft has come out to declare its support for the videogame firm, an action that predicts a dispute between several technological firms to define the future of app stores.


PayPal, the world’s largest platform for online transactions, has incorporated Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto-currencies into its payment methods.             This action will reinforce and empower the acceptance of these virtual currencies globally.


LinkedIn is the latest social network to join the trend of “stories”, looking for brands to provide extra content to their followers, expanding communication channels and bringing brands closer to users.


Google faces a lawsuit by the U.S. government for monopolistic practices, such as being a “gatekeeper” of Internet access, placing its search engine above that of its competitors,                  and paying millions of dollars to remain the default search engine for several cell phones and operating systems.


Spotify is following the path of Amazon and Netflix, looking to move from being just a content distributor to being a creator, with the launch of podcast ( For now only in the U.S.)


WhatsApp Business has started charging in some countries for certain services, such as being able to send certain messages to customers or send payment notes.


The Mexican government has just passed a law to block apps such as Amazon, Netflix or Spotify in case they do not pay VAT and ISR. In addition, the SAT will be able to take digital evidence (photos and videos) of visits to taxpayers.



According to data from Inegi, the sale of new units decreased by 21.3 percent in October, compared to the same month last year.

In October, 84,307 vehicles were sold, while in the same period last year 107,94 units were sold.


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