Adversting of the month


This Launching has been a phenomenon. In just 10 minutes they pre-sold every Hummer EV they had.

This model has been announced for more than a year ago, but now that is has launched, it exceeded all expectations. With the claim “the world’s first all-electric supertruck”, it has even surpased Tesla’s Cybertruck and Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV.

MG Motor Mexico (Morris Garages Motors).

With the claim “the future is what moves us”, the British brand MG Motor has come back to Mexico, now as a part of the Chinese brand SAIC .

It launched with offers identical to KIA, 5.5% interest, 0% comission and 7 year warranty, but claimng more technology. Their goal is to achieve the 1.5% of the Mexican market.

Advertising tendencies

Days before the US elections, the Saturday Night Live team made this commercial, it is interesting that more and more the advertising is trying not just to entertain or make you laugh, it also tries to be more honest and direct with what they are trying to say.

SNL (Saturday Night Live) is always setting tendencies on communication and public opinion.