Trend: Outdoor Music Festivals

The music and concert industry continues to adapt, like this concert by a DJ named Decibel who held an event with individual areas.

Trend: Concerts in interior venues

The music group The Flaming Lips, performed a concert with a unique idea, protective bubbles for each attendee, these inflated bubbles helped attendees to feel again an experience like before the Covid.

Trend: Events and Conventions

The industry continues to adapt to host conventions, trainings, and incentive trips. Maintaining strict rules of distance and sanitation, as well as food safety.

Next steps for BTL post Covid

Trend: Quality of service and trust

Most people won’t be interested in getting pressure from brands at events right now. On the contrary, they seek security and positivity from the planning and execution.

Trend: Investment in platforms and digital media

Businesses must understand that the path the public travels to attend BTL events or activities and their services has changed. Offering a good experience with digital options, online has never been more important.

Trend: Creativity, innovation and agility

Marketing teams must embrace a new culture of innovation and creativity. Businesses need to find new ways of working, do accounts quickly, and make large-scale decisions avoiding late bureaucracy.